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Microsoft Power BI – Business Intelligence

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Microsoft Power BI – Business Intelligence:
(Business Intelligence & Data/Business Analysis with Microsoft Power BI):
Learn to create stunning Dashboards and Reports using Microsoft’s free Business Intelligence / Analytics tool, Power BI.
Do you want to build professional-quality Business Intelligence Reports from the ground up ? Do you want to blend and transform raw data into beautiful Interactive Dashboards ? Do you want to learn design and implement the same B.I. tools used by professional analysts and data scientists ? Do you want to understand the Business Intelligence workflow from end-to-end then learn Microsoft Power BI
Course Overview:
Microsoft Power BI Training at “ICON IT Technologies” will help you get the most out of Power BI and achieve expertise in Business Analytics. At the end of this course, you will master the concepts like Power BI Desktop, Power Query editor Power BI DAX, Power BI Service, Power BI Content packs, Power BI Custom Visuals, Power BI Row Level Security.
Who should go for this Microsoft Power BI Training?
For all the professionals who are passionate about business intelligence, data visualization, and data analytics. It is best suited for:
 Business Analysts
 Business Development Manager
 Statisticians and Analysts
 Data Scientists
 Project Manager
What are the prerequisites for taking up this training course?
You don’t need any prior knowledge to learn Microsoft Power BI.
Why should you take up this Power BI training course?
Today, all business enterprises and departments need extensive business insights, and Power BI puts the power in your hands. You can easily work with multiple sources of data, convert it into a report, graph or data visualization of your choice. By deploying Power BI, you get real-time insights and deploy it faster than any other BI tool available in the market. It is open source and highly intuitive and does not need technical knowledge or IT support. This training will prepare you for the top paying jobs in the market and help you grow your career at a rapid pace.
Introduction to Power BI
• Introduction to Power BI
• Introduction to Business Intelligence
• Key Benefits or Features of Power BI
• Components of Power BI
• Data Visualization, Reporting
• Business Intelligence(BI), Traditional BI, Self-Serviced BI
• Cloud Based BI, On Premise BI
• Power BI Products
• Power BI Desktop (Power Query, Power Pivot, Power View, Power Map, Power BI Q & A)
• Flow of Work in Power BI Desktop
• Power BI Service
Power BI Desktop
• Overview of Power BI Desktop
• Data Sources in Power BI Desktop
• Power BI Desktop User Interface
o Fields Pane, Visualizations pane, Ribbon, Views, Pages Tab, Canvas
• Overview of Power Query / Query Editor – Extract, Transform & Load Data
• Connecting to Data Sources
• Importing Data into Power BI or Query Editor
• Query Editor in Power BI
• Import, Direct Query
• Limitations of Direct Query
• Basics of M Language
• Clean and Transform your data with Query Editor
• Combining Data – Merging and Appending
• Cleaning irregularly formatted data
• Modeling Data
• Manage Data Relationship
• Cross Filter Direction
• Creating New Measures and New Columns using DAX – Data View
• Visualizing the Data using Power View and Power Maps – Report View
• Saving and Publishing the Visuals or Reports
• Logon to Power BI Service
• View the Reports in PBI Service
Power Query
• Introduction to Power Query – Extract, Transform & Load
• Data types, Changing the Data type of a Column
• Various Filters in Power Query( Text, Number, Date )
• Inbuilt Column Transformations
o Remove Columns / Remove Other Columns
o Rename a Column
o Reorder Columns or Sort Columns
o Add Column / Custom Column
o Split Columns
o Merge Columns
• In built Row Transformations
o Header Row or Use First Row as Headers
o Keep Top Rows, Keep Bottom Rows
o Keep Range of Rows
o Keep Duplicates, Keep Errors
o Remove Top Rows, Remove Bottom Rows, Remove Alternative Rows, Remove Duplicates
• Combine Queries
o Append Queries
o Merge Queries
Power Pivot
• Power Pivot
• Data Modeling Introduction
• Relationship, Need of Relationship
• Delete a relationship
• Cross filter direction (Single, Both)
Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)
• Introduction to DAX
• DAX Syntax
• Data Types in DAX
• DAX Operators
• Creating Calculated Columns, Creating Measures , Tables
• Calculated Columns Vs Measures
• Text Functions
• Math & Statistical Functions
• Date and Time Functions
• Logical Functions
• Filter Functions
• Time Intelligence Functions
• DAX queries
• DAX Parameter Naming
• Time Intelligence in DAX
Data Visualization(Power View)
• Introduction to visuals in Power BI
• Tables and Matrixes
• Various Visualization Objects in Power BI
• Slicers
• Map Visualizations
• Gauges and Single Number Cards
• Modifying colors in charts and visuals
• Shapes, text boxes, and images
• What Are Custom Visuals?
• KPI Visuals
• Formatting Options in Reports
• Page Layout
• Various Filter types(Visual Level Filters, Page Level Filters, Report Level Filters, Drill Through Filters)
Power BI Service
• Introduction to Power BI Service
• Workspaces
• Publishing The Reports
• Creating Dashboards
• Dashboard Vs Reports
• Configuring a Dashboard
• Power BI Q&A
• Ask questions of your data with natural language
• Data Gateways
• Enterprise Vs Personal Gateway
• Scheduled Refresh
Data sources
• Working with data sources like SQL Server, Oracle, Text Files, Excel Files, Web page, JSON
Advanced Analytics in Power BI
• Parameters
• Drill Through
• Bookmarks
• Dynamic Filters, Dynamic Measures
• Dynamic Axis in Charts
• Power BI Template File
• Row Level Security

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