SAP Hybris

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SAP Hybris Review

Subscription Order Management With in SAP Hybris Billing
Hybris Billing, subscription order management within SAP Hybris Billing
Master Data: Business Partner & Business Agreement
Create a Business Partner
Create a Business Agreement
Provider Order, Provider Contracts & Order Distribution
Understanding the provider order concept
Create a Provider Order
Understanding the Provider Contract Concept
Understanding Order Distribution
Browse Provider Contract Customizing, Technical Resources Customizing, and Provider Contract Customizing
Product Setup & Configuration and Pricing for Provider Items
Customizing and Product Setup
Understanding Pricing for Provider Items
Introducing Product Configuration
Browse the Product Master Data and Configuration
Provider Contract Changes and Mass Runs
Describing Provider Contract Changes
Conduct Configuration Change and Cancellation
Browse the Customizing of Change Processes
Master Agreement
Understanding Master Agreements
Create a Master Agreement
Integration into SAP Hybris Billing Charging
Integration into SAP Hybris Billing Charging
Configuring charges Charge Plans with Recurring Rates Mapping Tables.
Connectivity between SAP CRM and SAP Convergent Charging
Integration into Convergent Invoicing
(Optional) Front-End Office Role
(Optional) Understanding the Front-End Office Role
Create a Provider Order in the Front Office

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